FUJI X-E2: Bob’s Quick Review!

I’ve had the Fuji X-E1 camera now for a while and Don has had the Fuji X-100S.  Both great cameras and fun to use!  The Fuji X100S has the 2nd version of Fuji’s X-Trans sensor and it has shown itself to be a sensor that shows off the capabilities of Fuji’s sharp lenses quite well by providing very sharp images.  The Fuji X-E2 has now been released so I just had to move up.  The X-E1 has been sold and I picked up my X-E2 at Hunt’s Photo & Video yesterday.


OK, so can I simply say: WOW!

I went out this morning and off to Cape Ann area (Essex, Ipswich, Rockport & Annisquam) to test out this great little camera.  The new sensor is really fantastic.  And what a difference. The images were visibly sharp in the field on the LCD.  There was no doubt.  I used the 18-55mm lens, my 14mm and my 60mm Macro lenses as the occasion arose.  The addition of a 2nd Fn key is great even though I haven’t decided what operation I’ll assign to it yet.  Fuji added  a Focus selection for the movable Focus area onto one of the selector buttons that surround the Menu key.  Just perfect for use in the field!


I chose to use a tripod for almost all of the images to really make sure I’m taking every caution to insure I’m not introducing camera shake by hand holding.  Of course based on my experience with the X-E1 I know that’s not a problem…..up the iso and fire away….no noise……  I’m a huge fan of prime lenses and this camera doesn’t disappoint when you use a prime lens.  So, when you’re using a prime lens you’ll need to zoom with your feet!  No problem. Uh well wait a minute.  Sometimes there might be.  Check out the Essex Marsh House above.  I’m standing on the shore so a zoom lens (18-55mm on this APS-C sz sensor) makes sense here.  OK, so go back to my comment: “I’m a huge fan of prime lenses” and that’s because I want sharp.  I mean sharp images.  Again Fuji’s got it right.  The “kit” lens is stellar.  The detail and contrast in my images were really fantatstic.  This brings me to my discovery about file size.  The files from my Fuji X-E1 camera averaged about 25Mb each whereas on this little gem they’re about 33Mb.  And both cameras have the same Pixel count (16.3Mb) so that means you’re getting a lot more detail in your images!  A lot more detail.



OK, last quick comment.  See the rope image?  I just indicated that the file sizes are larger (that’s a Great thing!).  Along with that my experience in these cases is the image can ‘take sharpening well’.  What does that mean?  It means that you can typically sharpen the image in Lightroom or other software without getting artifacts as easy as you might get with other sensors.  In the rope image I sharpened the entire image and then gave it a couple of passes with an adjustment brush in the middle light area with clarity and extra sharpening.  I wanted that rope to jump out of the image if possible in comparison to other parts of the image.  It looks great.



OK, enough for now.  Got to go back & check out more of my images from today with the new Fuji X-E2 camera.

Don & I really enjoy our Fuji cameras and if you’re thinking about getting one we can tell you that you won’t be disappointed.  We are not getting any compensation from Fuji >> we just like their products!
Bob Ring


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