“Excuse me.  Excuse me.”

“Ah, yes.”

“What are you photographing in those puddles?”

“I’m capturing the reflection of the lighthouse along with the lighthouse and sky….”


I was lying face down right on the edge of a puddle at Nubble Light in York, Maine yesterday.  Then moving to a different puddle and lying right at the edge of it. I had my camera touching the water and using the flip up screen to see the images as I composed my photos.  Some folks must have thought I was crazy!  There were a lot of people hanging out, admiring the lighthouse and enjoying the great fall afternoon along the coast of New England.  A husband & wife were curious and asked me what i was doing.  “Oh, very cool!”

Don & I hear way too often from photographers that some photographers don’t share their locations, or techniques, or processing steps..etc.  At New England Photo Workshops we teach so we share.  Why doesn’t everybody share?  I can’t answer that.  But what I can say is that for those that don’t share they must be worried that someone will get a better shot than them! Does that really matter?  No, so go get the best shot that You can.

Enjoy and share your photography, your skills, your settings and your know-how as well.  Photography is a great hobby and one that many enjoy and want to be better at.  Don’t hold back!  Share!

Bob Ring


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As a photographer one is always capturing moments.  Those ‘moments’ can be a wave crashing at the beach, a bird flying overhead, a moose lifting its head out of the water, a baseball player’s hit, a tennis ball on a racket and so many more.  When photographing people though….don’t wait for them.  You can make the moment.  Get that smile, that glance, that look when You want it.  I just photographed two brothers and a sister in my home studio.  Yup, got them posing with the help of their mother.  But it’s when they’re standing around that the photographer should be working.  Having their mother stand on her toes making funny faces is OK but when they all pause >>> get the shot.  Get that moment when the older brother & sister look at their younger brother affectionately.  That’s the shot You want.  That’s the shot the parents want.  While others take a pause….you get the shot.

_RMR5246_D610_October_2014_RMRing         _RMR5242_D610_October_2014_RMRing

Bob Ring

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VERMONT IN FALL….as illustrated by this white barn & silo in Shaftsbury, VT.

The fun part for me as a photographer is really three fold: being there, taking the photo & then processing it. In this case, I used a plug-in in Lightroom from Nik Software called Analog Efx Pro2 that does a mild job of emulating old film (in a general type of way). Then I was able to add a small amount of bokeh (with the same software) to create the image you see here.

I used a Nikon D610 body with 24-70mm lens at 44mm, f5.0, 1/200 sec on a tripod.  Software: Lightroom 5 & Nik Analog Efx Pro2 (Lightroom plug-in)

I love photography!

Bob Ring


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While out late yesterday looking for local foliage and chasing the sunset (things were hectic!) I came across a pond I’ve been by many times but never paid it much heed. It’s now on my personal list as a location to keep an eye on going forward (especially in Spring).

Disregarding the old photographer’s rule of having the sun over your shoulder I shot right at it. Cameras today can react & respond to various light sources much better than film could. So, why not! I think photographers today are so much more fortunate than when I started taking photos with today’s technology. Take long exposures, take them at night, shoot into the sun, move your camera around as you hand hold it (what no tripod?!), change your ASA mid roll (oh wait a minute it’s digital…ISO…anything goes)…..I know Don & I are and you should too if you’re not already….. Demand more from yourself.  Demand more from your camera.  Admire other photographers’ work BUT go out on your own.  Yes, take the typical shots of scenery and so forth but make time to challenge your creativity too!

As technology improves with cameras and software Don & I encourage creativity.  Strongly encourage Creativity……  We mean to say  STRONGLY ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY!!!

Fuji X-T1 (18-55mm lens) at 18mm, f22, 1/60 sec handheld


Bob Ring

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