2019 – The ‘Nifty Fifty’-Friday May 10th


This workshop takes place on Friday May 10th (8:30am – 4pm) and costs just $125 for this long day (Note: Fee includes your entrance fee into Strawberry Banke!) .  That’s right: Friday, a weekday for those folks that would rather not tie up a Saturday this one’s for you!

We’ll meet in Portsmouth, NH at 8:30am. The number of attendees for this workshop is very limited (min of 3 max of 6)!  this  is a Great opportunity to improve your photography skills!

        We’ll meet in Portsmouth, NH on Saturday May 10th, 2019 At 8:30am and walk around Portsmouth, have lunch along the way (cost not included) and visit Strawberry Banke (fee is included) and end the workshop at approximately 4pm. A long day but walking around with just one camera sand one lens only will make it easier! (50mm or Zoom lens….see Big Note below) Wear your walking shoes for this one. No big hills here! BIG NOTE: You don’t have To have a 50mm Prime Lens to participate!! A zoom lens is perfect too. We’ll just set it to 50 mm to challenge you for the day!! It’s a great way to improve on subject development and Composition to help improve your photography. Great for ALL photographers! Portsmouth, NH is a historic seaport and popular summer tourist destination, home to Strawberry Banke and simply a wonderful city to explore with your camera! There is a great variety of subjects available so that’s why e chose it!  Explore Portsmouth, NH with Bob Ring using one camera and one lens….. Portsmouth, NH is a historic seaport and popular summer tourist destination, home to Strawberry Banke and simply a wonderful city to explore with your camera! It’s been affectionately called the ‘Nifty Fifty’ for many years.  It’s the standard 50mm lens you may or may not own (but should!).  It’s arguably one of the most popular focal lengths you’ll ever use (even if you’re using a normal range zoom lens).  The advantage of a 50mm prime lens is that you can usually get one with a wider open aperture than your zoom. Something like f1.4, f1.8 or f2 which all can help you take photos in lower light but also to isolate your subjects. Why have a ‘Nifty Fifty’ photo workshop?!  Because it’s a Great way to help improve one’s compositional skills and creativity at the same time.  I will often times leave the house with one camera and just one prime lens.  Why? To improve my own photography and to force myself to be creative to get images I like.  Having just one lens will make you think more about what you shoot > and that’s a good thing! So, why not challenge your self and join me with just one lens for a day!  Oh, and for those folks that don’t like using tripods > they’re optional for this session! NOTE: If you don’t have a 50mm prime lens (for your full frame camera) or a 35mm prime lens for your crop size camera that’s OK. We’ll adjust your zoom lens to either 35mm or 50mm as appropriate for the day! Some of the subjects we’ll discuss and/or utilize during the day will include:

  • Exposure
  • Improving your Composition
  • Subject development
  • What makes a better photo
  • Metering
  • Use of Lenses
  • Hand-holding your camera
  • Narrow depth of field
  • Creative Thinking


Terms & Conditions for 2019: – A deposit, or full payment, is required to reserve a ‘seat’.  Within Thirty (30) days prior to the start of the workshop deposits are non-refundable unless we can fill your ‘seat’ with someone else. Then, you receive a full refund minus a $75 cancellation handling fee – Within Forty-Five (45) days prior to the start of a workshop any balance is due for payment in full – Last minute cancellations resulting in hotel charges are the responsibility of the workshop attendee – Cancellations for a workshop where a boat, van, entrance fee or other segment where payment was incurred before the start of the workshop by NEPW to reserve that segment the attendee will forfeit reimbursement for those fees.

Cost for this workshop is $125.00 and can be made via the PayPal ‘Button” that follows below.  Entrance Fee for strawberry Banke (~ $20) Is included.

Note: PayPal or credit card statement may show Seller of this transaction as ‘RMRing Photography’.