About NEPW

New England Photo Workshops (Since 2009)

New England Photo Workshops (Bob Ring and Vin Guarino) is dedicated to pursuing and sharing the joy of photography throughout New England.  We are committed to providing a professional and informative experience for photographers of every skill level.Our workshop goals are to:

  • provide a warm, friendly and safe environment at all times
  • provide quality hands-on instruction in the field
  • provide a better understanding of cameras and equipment
  • provide in-depth classroom instruction to improve editing and final image results
  • provide quality opportunities to experience the unique beauty of New England
  • to have fun!

About Bob Ring…..


I have been taking photographs for over 40 years and have experience in 35mm, medium format and 4×5 view cameras. I now use of digital SLRs by Nikon and mirrorless Leica and Fuji cameras. I have an assortment of lenses to complement these fine cameras!  I have years of experience with Canon cameras as well.

I graduated from Northeastern University, here in Massachusetts, with a BSEE and have worked in Marketing & Sales after starting out in Engineering but photography has always been a significant part of my life over the years.

Photography enables me to be creative and at the same time to work with the technical aspects required to get the image I desire.  I enjoy photographing various subjects and have been recognized by photographic associations for my work.  I have been selling prints & images to both consumers and corporations for interior design for many years and feel that a finished print really represents what photography is all about.  I take special care and pride in making my prints whether for sale or for my own enjoyment.

My personal web site can be found at: www.robertmringphotography.com.  You’ll see by my galleries there that New England is where I reside and take most of my photos.  Based in New England I have the luxury of being near the coast, the mountains and the foliage in the fall!  In particular, I really enjoy the Maine coast and have been photographing it for many years. I hope you enjoy my images as much as I do.

About Vin Guarino…..


Vin works with me on some photo workshops and Lightroom classes during the year. He built two computers for me that are designed to operate optimally for photography! Better than any store bought computer for using Lightroom, Photoshop, tic. Vin is available for hire for this service…..
After graduating from Wentworth Institute in Boston Vin immediately started working in the computer industry in the Boston area. For over 40 years he has been in the computer field as an Engineering Technician , Software Engineer and IT Specialist. In the past he has worked for large computer companies as well as small start ups that grew and matured.
Vin’s photography interests bloomed while at Wentworth when purchased his first 35 mm film camera, a Canon FTb. Vin’s main interest at the time was shooting sports and landscapes. He put my camera down for a few years and picked it up again when his children started playing sports. When Vin was not coaching them, he was photographing them. We had a lot of “Kodak Moments”.
With the advent of digital photography Vin was able to combine his two passions, photography as well as computers. In this day and age of photography, both are very important to achieve great images as well as prints. Vin has built several computers which were optimized for Photographers. Printing is also a passion and a great one to have for photography! Printing an image on some of the wonderful papers that are available today is very exciting. Holding the image in your hands is a great experience and many photographers are missing by not making prints of their favorite images

Also see more of my personal photography ‘work’ on Instagram and Facebook at:



About NEPW Workshops…..

A typical New England Photo Workshop includes the following:

  • Visit & photograph select locations throughout New England
  • A variety of subjects on every workshop
  • One, two or three and a half day intensive workshops
  • Intensive means start at dawn and finish up after dusk in both good & bad weather
  • Work with an accomplished photographer in the field and in the classroom
  • Learn how to use your SLR camera to maximize your results (direct experience with Nikon, Canon, Leica, Fuji X and Olympus )
  • Learn how to expose & compose your photos in the field
  • Hotel, travel & meals together as a group during the workshop to promote more interaction & learning opportunities
  • Review your photos at the end of the day in a classroom style critique session where possible
  • Use of Photoshop & Lightroom included in evening sessions
  • Itineraries are subject to change at all times due to light, weather, etc
  • Contingency plans may include more classroom training and/or printing lessons should weather become unbearable
  • We work from an itinerary but often times change on the fly to take into account various conditions so attendees need to be flexible!
  • Hotels, meals & transportation (to, from or during)  are not included unless identified in the workshop description

New England Photo Workshops will customize photography workshops for any group, or camera club,  if requested.  Workshops may include field work or classroom work.  Just ask!

   About Don Toothaker…..co-founder of NEPW

‘I am very proud to say that I am a Photographer’

Primarily self-taught, I pursue my passion for photography with energy, enthusiasm, and dedication.  No matter what I am shooting, or teaching, my approach is always the same: hard work, attention to detail, and a complete appreciation for the opportunity that was given to me.  My true love is photographing the outdoors and nature but, I also enjoy portraiture and travel photography.

I am very proud to say I am a New Englander.

I am a lifelong resident of New England and it is here that I pursue my love of photography.  I am every bit as comfortable in the woods of Maine as I am in the streets of Boston.  New England’s unique landscapes, diverse cultures, and rich history provide unlimited opportunities to create stirring images for myself and my clients.

In the following pages you will find samples of my work.  For a further glimpse into what I do, please  visit my personal website at:   www.toothakerphoto.com

Thankfully, what began as a hobby so long ago, has blossomed into a rewarding career that continues to inspire every facet of my life.  Simply put, I love what I do. I hope you allow me the pleasure of working with you.

NOTE: Don, is now employed by Hunt’s Photo & Video where he is Director of Photo Adventures. http://edu.huntsphoto.com/

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Member of Professional Photographers Of America and the Photographic Society Of America:

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