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I belong to the Merrimack Valley Camera Club in North Andover, MA along with the Greater Lynn Camera Club (GLPA) and have been a member for many years.  I recognize that Camera Clubs want educational programs for their members and this is something that I offer to clubs all around New England.  Some of the services, and costs, that I can provide for your camera club include the following:

Judging: yes I do judging for local camera clubs and most provide an amount to help with time & gas in the order of $75 (mostly dependent on distance since I live in the Georgetown, MA area….North Shore….)

Presentations: NEPW has been doing ~ 60-90 minute presentations around New England for a few years now.  We (Don & Bob) also spoke at the PSA Convention a few years ago in Portland, ME and in July 2015 at NECCC in Amherst, MA.  We can offer many topics for your camera club.  Here is a sample of presentations that we currently offer:

– New England in Black & White (technical/how-to and thinking/inspirational sections)
– Image Reviews and Developing (take RAW images from the members and critique and make changes via Lightroom and/or Plug-ins…might be fun!)
– The Maine Coast Up Close (where to go and what to do)
– Macro Photography (What is it, lenses, how & what to do)…small demonstration to illustrate techniques along with the presentation
– Get The Shot (Creativity & Composition)….And Make It Sharp (technical considerations)
– Travel around New England…
– Go Wide (discussions on use of wide angle lenses)
– The Nifty Fifty (using one lens….what can you do?)

Presentations are always educational and inspiring and not simply promoting our workshops. That would be a huge disservice and one that we don’t believe in!  It’s all about education for us just as it is during our workshops.  We sincerely enjoy teaching and we stay true to that measure.   Our ‘rate’ is $150, that includes one combined presentation or two different presentations usually around the same general theme (like ‘Black & White Photography’).

Custom Workshops for Camera Clubs: yes we do this as well. In fact we did an overnight workshop on the coast of Maine only for members of one club at their request!  We have found in some cases that a club will have us present a topic & then follow it up the next day with a workshop around that topic.  We did one like that for a club in CT earlier a couple of years ago.  Typically, for a camera club workshop, we would charge $89 per person for about a day (~8am-~5pm) with a maximum of 10 people whereas we normally charge $129 for most of our one day workshops as can be seen on our web site.  Overnight workshops (day-and-a-half) typically would cost $149 per person.  The feature of our unique Camera Club workshops is that we include a session where we review & discuss images after working in the field.  We typically do not include that in any one day workshops!
Another idea is to have a Lightroom Workshop with your camera club.  We usually only have Lightroom sessions in the Winter months but this software is so important as the major ‘tool’ for photographers we would be happy to hold a session for camera club memberships.  Minimum of 10 members at $89 each and we’ll teach and work through Lightroom for five hours of intensive training.

Please see our About page for more info on who we are and what we do during a photo workshop. Link is here:

If your Camera Club would like to find out more info please contact us via:

Thanks for your interest in New England Photo Workshops!       Don & Bob in the field……for some Great memories!

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