BE A PHOTOGRAPHER: Specializing in certain subjects is fine (macro, scenics, architecture…..). But if you want to learn more about what you really like to photograph shoot something different.  Know why?  It’ll help you in your use of your camera and improving your photography in general.

I went out today to photograph the Jumper Classic in NH and photographed horse jumping.  Now is this something I’m really interested in? No, not really!  Did I enjoy it? Absolutely.  Did I learn anything.  Absolutely!  Checking my backgrounds and using AI servo and not using image stabilization.  The photo here is one of my favorites (I got many by the way).   Look at the rider’s concentration and how balanced the horse is going over the jump.  And check out that little red flag.  I was taking my photos in bursts of three images at a time.  My early photos all showed the horse on the way down.  I had to anticipate to allow time for my brain to say “INDEX finger….take the shot NOW”.
All in all a great experience.  I would recommend something like this to all photographers whether you’re into horse jumping or not as it’s a very worthwhile learning experience for all photographers!
Regards, Bob Ring
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New England Photo Workshops (NEPW) is the vision of local photographers Bob Ring and Don Toothaker.  Life long residents of Massachusetts, they are committed to exploring, photographing, and sharing the distinct beauty of New England with photographers of every level. Each workshop is designed to provide attendees with a variety of subjects and create a diverse experience for growth in learning.  Using hands on instruction and classroom discussion they work tirelessly guiding clients in the use of cameras, lenses, image processing, and personal vision.

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