I’m sure we all have a favorite place to visit, vacation, photograph, etc.  Mine is in Maine on Schoodic Lake at the family cottage. Ah,……. I won’t tell you how many years I’ve been going there. My library of Schoodic images includes old 35mm slides and plenty of digital images too.  They all look somewhat similar though. So, this past week I changed it up.  One image is the ‘similar’ one & the other two are new (for me).  The lake is so beautiful and our view is so wide I get clouds.  Boy do we get clouds! So, I find my self going the familar ole….. get those clouds to pop.

If you look at the Black & white images you’ll see I slowed the waves down.  I stacked two neutral density filters on top of each other to get longer exposures and to get that early evening look as well.  I used Nik software to get to my final result after applying some changes & image ‘tuning’ in Lightroom 4.

For the raft I used Color Efx Pro 4 and the glamour glow preset. This was a 25mm, iso100 at f20 with a 30 sec exposure.  The old dock and boat lift was converted to B&W using Nik’s Silver Efx Pro.  Exposure here was 25mm, iso 100, f11 for 30 seconds.

The message here is that one can find themself falling into doing the same ole thing time after time.  Think about your subject & do something diferent.  In some cases you need to start right in-camera.  Don’t depend on post-processing to get to something different.  Look at the subject differently (I never photographed that wharf from anywhere near that angle….always stood on top of it or looked down it towards the lake…..geez).  I’ve never slowed the lake water to get that raft on a nice smooth surface….yikes.

So, change it up on occasion. I’d love to see some of your examples!

Bob Ring


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