Know How to Push Your Own Buttons

Digital photography continues to evolve at an unbelievable pace.  The advances in technology provide photographers of every level with more and more options.  Today’s digital cameras, especially DSLR’s, are loaded with capability but, are you?  To make the most of these exciting advancements in technology we must commit ourselves to growing our vision first..

Current digital cameras are high-powered tools that require a great deal of knowledge to use.    Photographers have to learn such things as white balance, multiple metering settings, bracketing for HDR, the differences between a DX and FX sensors, and other nuances of present day digital photography.  Every manufacturer offers cameras loaded with menu options that give every photographer the ability to make professional quality images with the touch of a button.  In conjunction with the cameras is an even greater, and more powerful, array of software for processing our images.   There are so many products on the market it is often difficult to decide, and digest, what is best for this or that.  Creativity, or so it seems, is just a menu choice away.

Despite all the technology, there is nothing more powerful, or meaningful, as your own imagination.  Camera’s and software are just tools.  These tools are only as good as YOU make them.  Photography is about communication, self-expression, and emotion.  Whether you are in your home thinking about your craft or in the field working at it, KNOW how to push your own buttons first.  The more you know about your “self”, the more of yourself you can invest in your photography.

What good are dozens of menu options if you are not, or cannot, connect to your own “self”?   You need to know how to push your own buttons in order to make the most of  the hardware and software.  At every workshop we urge attendees to bring, and read, their owner’s manuals.  But, we also spend a great deal of time asking attendees why they chose this subject; why they shot their image in such a way, and how they feel about their image.  These answers are found in YOUR owner’s manual.  You gotta know that too!

As photographers we MUST connect to our subjects but, we must first connect with ourselves. Take time to think about, and feel, your subject. Take time to think about what has meaning to you.  Take time to find YOUR inspiration from the world around you.  Push yourself and find your own voice.  Creativity comes from within; not a menu option.

Photograph What You Feel


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