More On Black & White: Choices!

Don, and I, have been posting a fair number of Black & White images on our Facebook page lately (  The reason for this?  It’s simple we both appreciate what a B&W image has to offer and we both like B&W.

I spent some time yesterday morning around Rockport Harbor and for a cloudy overcast day I got some great images (that’s another story….).  The color image here is a new angle for me as I’ve never taken photographs like this before at the harbor.  First of all, what’s neat is how the pier in front of me hides the little harbor but you can see the houses along the street behind it.  Almost looks like they’re on the pier.  Anyway, when I took this photo I knew it was meant to be a B&W image.  Think about it for a moment. Check out the colors along the edge of that pier.  Kind of ‘yucky’ if you ask me.  This is a great example where B&W can come in and hide those not so pleaseant colors.  I think it works well in this image.  Let me know what you think.  You may or may not agree with me!

So, the B&W image was processed in Nik’s Silver Efx Pro (plug-in) out of Lightroom (ver 3).  I could have easily used Lightroom (LR3) to simply make the conversion over to B&W but I enjoy using the Silver Efx pro as the presets are great to work with and I can create my own presets as well.    Oh, this shot was taken with a 50mm Makro Zeiss lens on my full frame camera.  Not because it’s a macro lens but since I was only using a ‘normal’ focal length lens for a while and zooming with my feet!  The B&W image here:

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  1. I showed these two images last night at GLPA (Greater Lynn Photograpic Society) during my presentation on ‘Get The Shot You Want’ and it was well received. It’s illustrates a good reason for converting some images to B&W. In this case the orangey (is that a real word?) tones can be distracting.

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