Portsmouth At Night (Fri) by Kathy

Harbor Light Painting”  While directing my camera towards the Naval Station of the Portsmouth Harbor to shoot the lights and the small channel buoy, I tightened the ballhead on my tripod, but not enough….my camera suddenly tilted to the ground before I knew it! (gulp). After  repositioning my camera, tightening the ballhead, I looked at the LCD screen and saw a nice light painting from this near mishap. Thinking this now a great opportunity, I shot a couple more “movement” light paintings of the Naval Station and here is the one I like the best. You can see the ships and buildings silhouetted in the background, the dock/ships lights moving in the middle ground and the channel in the foreground.  This experience reinforced a couple lessons; Even though it was not my usual “style” of photographing subjects, it was fun and I enjoyed the time being creative. My other lesson…make sure the ball head is tight before letting go of the camera!


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