“Excuse me.  Excuse me.”

“Ah, yes.”

“What are you photographing in those puddles?”

“I’m capturing the reflection of the lighthouse along with the lighthouse and sky….”


I was lying face down right on the edge of a puddle at Nubble Light in York, Maine yesterday.  Then moving to a different puddle and lying right at the edge of it. I had my camera touching the water and using the flip up screen to see the images as I composed my photos.  Some folks must have thought I was crazy!  There were a lot of people hanging out, admiring the lighthouse and enjoying the great fall afternoon along the coast of New England.  A husband & wife were curious and asked me what i was doing.  “Oh, very cool!”

Don & I hear way too often from photographers that some photographers don’t share their locations, or techniques, or processing steps..etc.  At New England Photo Workshops we teach so we share.  Why doesn’t everybody share?  I can’t answer that.  But what I can say is that for those that don’t share they must be worried that someone will get a better shot than them! Does that really matter?  No, so go get the best shot that You can.

Enjoy and share your photography, your skills, your settings and your know-how as well.  Photography is a great hobby and one that many enjoy and want to be better at.  Don’t hold back!  Share!

Bob Ring


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