Snow is Good!!!

Snow is Good!!!

Here in New England there is no avoiding winter.  Part of the beauty of the northeast is our four distinctly different seasons and winter, in it’s own unique ways, is as beautiful as any other time of the year.   As photographers we must learn to embrace the characteristics of winter that provide us with opportunity to expand our vision and our creativity.

Maybe it’s just me but, I LOVE a good snowstorm.  While so many rush off to get their obligatory loaves of bread and gallons of milk with a sense of worry, I prepare my gear to capture the power and beauty of Mother Nature.  Safety for yourself, and your equipment, always comes first but, if you are willing to trek out in freshly fallen snow, you WILL be rewarded with magnificent photographic opportunities.  Like so many things, it’s simply a matter of being optimistic and looking at things with a different perspective.

Snow does have a lot of negative aspects to it.  Snow clogs our roads,  impedes our progress, and disrupts our lives.  Snow storms  CAN be dangerous and have treacherous consequences if we do not heed their power.   We tend to lament the discomfort of snow but, for the photographer, snow shapes the landscape in a positive way.

Freshly fallen snow clings to the landscape and adds contrast to every scene.  The resulting blanket of white clings to the features of our landscape and creates a depth that is not found in other seasons.   Our woodlands are often dense with trees and underbrush that prohibit our view but,  freshly fallen snow separates features from each other which allows the viewer, and photographer,  to see much deeper into any scene.    Simple subjects like footpaths and hiking trails take on a whole new look due to the depth created by snow.  Photographers must use this to their advantage when shooting in the field.  I took all three of the attached photos last Monday morning after a night of fresh snowfall.  The landscape with the three small trees is actually a very plain, ordinary hill.  On most days you can’t even see the three small trees since they blend right into the background.  Snow separates them and makes them distinct.  The second photo, honestly, is an ugly access road.  It is a very unattractive dirt road in any other season but, fresh snow clinging to every tree and every branch renders a very quiet, beautiful scene.  The contrast of the white snow allows us to see to the very end of the dirt road when normally it is obstructed by a blend of colors and leaves.  The last photo is on the side of the road around the corner from my house.  That stream is almost invisible except for in winter.  The leaves of overhanging branches and the congestion make it hard to see into the scene and follow the water for more than just a few yards most of the year.  However, fresh fallen snow creates beautiful separation in the scene and allows us to enjoy the lengthy and worthy view.  Snow is good!

March is here:  In like a Lion and out like a Lamb they say.  I am hoping we have one more good snow storm.  The moments that the fresh snow looks its very best are fleeting to say the least.   So, yes, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring in a few more weeks but, right now, I am hoping for one more chance to capture some of winter’s beauty.

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