Tip of the Day: Get Low and Shoot Your Subject at Eye Level

All winter long we wait for the colors of spring to enhance our photography.  As spring blooms more and more around us, I think its helpful to remind people of a technique that adds instant impact to your images.  Today’s tip is pretty simple: Whenever possible shoot at the same visual level of your subject.

Quite often we employ good technique in the field but, too often we forget to change our perspective.  Using your tripod is critical to ensuring the opportunity for sharper images but, don’t forget that your tripod is very versatile and can change height easily!  Don’t be afraid to get low and shoot at the same level as your subject be it wildlife or nature.

Shooting at eye level brings our viewer into our scene with greater impact.  Looking AT our subject is more appealing than looking down at it or up at it.  If you shoot UP on your subject, there can be great distortion that takes place and alters the shape and lines of our subject. Shooting down tends to compact our subject and, again, we can lose the perspective of shape and lines.  Eye level ensures that the shape and key points of your subject are amplified for visual impact.

Shooting low to the ground will often allow you to shoot THROUGH other objects which can add creative features to your scene.  This will also allow you to use other techniques to create powerful abstract images. One benefit to digital photography is that we have instant feedback in the field.  We have instant access to our successes and our failed images; we can make adjustments in seconds to fine tune our vision.  Be creative!

Change your perspective and get low – you will be rewarded with some very dramatic images this Spring!
“Photograph What You Feel”

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